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What is this site?

This site aims to be all information required for an enthusiastic student to learn the basics of using Python, controlling robots, and general problem solving techniques. Importantly, I try to teach as much information by example, and with motivated projects / puzzles.

You can complete everything on this site either using physical EV3 (Lego) robots, or with the fully featured simulator we’ve built.

Why is this site?

There are a few reasons this site exists:

  • Most people will tell you that trying to learn programming with a project in mind makes it much easier to deal with, so why not integrate this aspect into the learning / teaching?
  • Programming has the ability to present problems with very physical/visual characteristics, making it infinitely more engaging than a simple textual / logical problem. Why not leverage this in our teaching?
  • I have yet to find a free resource for learning programming that fits the constraints outlined above, with the exception of a few somewhat specific resources: Game Development with PICO-8 (Sidenote: PICO-8 is awesome).

Therefore I’ve tried to create a set of free resources that fits these criteria (Of course if you have any suggestions / criticisms, please let me know by posting an Issue or Pull Request).

Who is this site?

I (Jackson) wrote this site. You can contact me via the buttons on the sidebar (github / email).

I’d also like to thank two groups of people:

  • One massive thank you to every single mentor from Melbourne High School Robotics Club, for countless edit recommendations, a great level of experience, and for being great friends. Their names are Peter Drew, Richard Huang, Angus Trau, Griffin Collins, Owen Feik, Dhiluka Mapa, James Bui and Faaez Kamal (As well as teacher Paul Drew) ❤.
  • One massive thank you to all students who have been through Melbourne High School Robotics Club for being enthusiastic, forgiving, and smart test subjects 😜.

How is this site?

Solutions for the Projects / Puzzles are available here TODO.

You can view the complete source code for this site here.

You can view the complete source code for the simulator program here.

You can view the complete source code for the Projects and Puzzles here.

This post is licensed under GNU GPL V3 by the author.



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